Greek island ferries – travel insights

Greek island ferries – travel insights

Little Venice Mykonos 1970
Greece holiday - tour July 2017
Little Venice Mykonos 2017

Today I am continuing my travel journey through the Greek Isles …

As I left the Port of Piraeus heading to the GI’s one couldn’t help notice the numbers of travellers using the ferries to get to Santorini, Paros, Mykonos, Crete or some of the dozens of other amazing Islands in search of their holiday utopia. In Mykonos near the old windmills is “Little Venice”, once the home of sea captains and now bars, restaurants and artists.

One thing is certain, please please pre-book your ferry ticket, especially if it is getting into the summer season when the people numbers are up. Summer in these parts are Jul/Aug/Sep. Once all the vehicles are loaded there is nothing quite like the rush of 500 people swarming aboard a ferry to get the best positions and seats after the call is given.

It’s interesting to note the local travellers are quite calm and relaxed even though the ferry might be 2 or 3 hours late. Holiday makers on the other hand are a little more, well, excited…!

I mentioned a pre-booked seat because it will save you waiting in line at the small (tiny) ticket box at the port. It will also give you a seat number which is printed in very very small print on the ticket. A trap for newcomers (like me), I ‘found’ a really comfortable seat on one of the inside decks only to be soon told by someone hovering over me “your in my seat, you have to move”. Lesson learned.

The ferries are pretty good though, there is good food and drinks to purchase at reasonable prices and the journey is quite pleasant as you can wander around the decks taking photos and checking out the passing island scenery as you head to your final Island destination. There is no problem taking your own packed lunch to save the hard earned. Also, even though it may be hot in the sun it’s wise to pack a jacket as it can get quite cool out on the Med or Aegean.

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