Amazing!- Lombok Trekking Tours

Amazing!- Lombok Trekking Tours

Mt Rinjani Crater view

Mt Rinjani or Gunung Rinjani is a (sometimes) active volcano in northern Lombok. It is Indonesia’s second largest volcano at 3,726m above sea level and was last active in 2010. Mount Kerinci in Sumatra is the highest at 3,805m.

These amazing Lombok Trekking tours take the adventure traveller to the very edge of the crater where the views are nothing short of spectacular.

At the summit views over the island of Lombok and over to Bali and surrounding areas are all before you. To do the trek in a safe and timely manner requires an experienced local guide. Participants need to be reasonable fit and enjoy the outdoor life.

The guided trekking tours are best accomplished over a 3 day period and are undertaken in small groups and can include the remote village of Senaru. During the walk it is possible to see 2 types of monkey, butterflies, birdlife and waterfalls as you pass through the rainforest.

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photo By Midori